Whether you're competing for the grand prize or looking to grow your business,
this program offers an unparalleled opportunity to female farmers!

About the Program

The AgriVuno Women in Agri Accelerator Program is a sponsored 10-week initiative tailored for female farmers looking to grow their businesses.

The program is designed to concentrate on cultivating growth and empowerment in the agricultural sector. This virtual initiative combines competition with comprehensive business coaching, offering women agripreneurs a platform to enhance their business skills, learn advanced agricultural practices, and expand their enterprises.

The program culminates in an in-person Gala event where participants' achievements are celebrated, and the top three agripreneurs are awarded grand prizes to excel their business.

We are delighted to announce a collaborative effort between HerEmpire Group and AgriVuno, aiming to establish a platform empowering female farmers. This initiative involves a competition accompanied by a comprehensive learning program, promoting sustainable agriculture and agribusiness...

Masabata Sebusi

Founder of AgriVuno

Why this Program

The AgriVuno Women in Agri Accelerator Program is uniquely designed to address the specific challenges and untapped potential of female farmers and agripreneurs.

Addressing a Growing Concern
Tailored for Female Farmers
Sustainability & Growth Focus
No Cost to Participants
Holistic Experience

This program stands out for several compelling reasons:

Amid significant challenges in the agricultural sector, female farmers often encounter a stark lack of opportunities and resource access, highlighting a pressing need for targeted initiatives.

This program directly addresses these issues by offering a supportive environment tailored to their unique needs, focusing on empowerment and growth.

Designed for both immediate and long-term business sustainability, the program emphasizes supply chain management and prepares participants to thrive in export markets.

As a fully sponsored initiative, it ensures that all eligible female agripreneurs can participate, fostering gender equality and advancing the agricultural community without financial barriers.

Choosing this program means investing in a future where female agripreneurs are equipped, recognized, and ready to make a significant impact in the agricultural sector and beyond.

Why Join this Program

The AgriVuno Women in Agri Accelerator Program directly addresses the unique challenges female farmers face by offering a supportive, knowledge-rich environment where they can thrive.

By recognizing the challenges faced in growing a business, access to resources, and limited networks, the program provides targeted business coaching, specialized agri-learning modules, and structured growth opportunities. This approach ensures that women agripreneurs gain the necessary skills and confidence to navigate market complexities, secure supply chain contracts, and ultimately position their agribusinesses for local and international success.

By fostering a community of learning and growth, the program empowers female farmers to overcome obstacles and transform their agricultural ventures.

Who Can Apply?

  • Fluency in English
  • Aged between 18-50 years
  • Owner of an agribusiness
  • In operation for 6 months or more
  • Located in Mpumalanga/Limpopo
  • A stable internet connection
  • Access to a computer
  • Eagerness to fully commit to the program

What The Program Entails

This program is more than just a business course; it's an interactive challenge where participants not only learn and grow but also engage in friendly competition, blending knowledge acquisition with practical application for comprehensive personal and professional development.

Specialized Business Coaching

Her Empire Collective, supporting hands for strategic planning image

Tailored online/virtual sessions aimed at enhancing business acumen, strategic planning, and operational efficiency for agripreneurs.

Advanced Agri-Learning Modules

Her Empire Collective, table with grain for modern agricultural techniques image

In-depth modules covering sustainable farming practices, modern agricultural techniques, and market trends to ensure participants are at the forefront of industry knowledge.

Interactive Challenges

Her Empire Collective, technical support allowing Participants apply their knowledge image

Beyond learning, the program integrates interactive challenges, allowing participants to apply their knowledge practically and compete, fostering a spirit of innovation and resilience.

Gala Finale

Beyond learning, the program integrates interactive challenges, allowing participants to apply their knowledge practically and compete, fostering a spirit of innovation and resilience.

Winners will be rewarded with various prizes as well as follow-up holistic business support to further grow their agri supply chain.

Post-Program Access

Dedication to growth is at the heart of our program. Participants who actively engage but do not progress to the final rounds will still receive full access to all learning modules after the program concludes. This ensures that every committed agripreneur, even if not among the finalists, can continue their journey of learning and development.

Close up image of a beautiful african women feeling excited as she holds a laptop Please note, this benefit is reserved for those who actively participate throughout the program and does not extend to individuals who enroll but later withdraw or drop out.

Personal Development and Mentorship

Agrivuno brain image for personal development

Utilization of tools like the HEC Assessment Program for self-analysis and growth, paired with guidance from experienced mentors.

Networking Opportunities

Agrivuno network image for building connections with industry experts

Building connections with industry experts, potential investors, and a community of like-minded agripreneurs.

Continued Access to Learning Materials

Agrivuno global network support image ensuring all committed participants have full access to the course content

Ensuring all active, committed participants, even those not making it to the final rounds, have full access to the course content post-competition for ongoing learning and development.

Empowerment and Advocacy

Agrivuno emprise image fostering an environment that champions female leadership in agriculture

Fostering an environment that champions female leadership in agriculture, advocating for gender equality, and empowering participants to become advocates in their own communities.

Additional Impact

Growth Competition

Three elimination rounds will identify the top 10 finalists.

All finalists will receive a Course Completion Certification.

The three ultimate winners will receive grand prizes and awards and will be eligible for the end-of-year National Event Awards Ceremony.

Growth Competition

For the top 10 finalists, on-site farm visits will be conducted, offering a unique opportunity to display their business' real-world impact and effectiveness.

All 10 Finalist will be eligible for a short promotional video showcasing their farming business and also allowing them to tell their story.

Growth Competition

Each participant will benefit from an online media presence, ensuring they gain prominent exposure.

This not only places them in the public eye but also captures the attention of potential investors, offering a platform where the accomplishments and potential of these dedicated agripreneurs are recognized.

This not only places them in the public eye but also captures the attention of potential investors, offering a platform where the accomplishments and potential of these dedicated agripreneurs are recognized


This This challenge is driven by the collaborative synergy of four dynamic organizations:

Challenge, Innovate, Conquer!

Participants who successfully complete the program and meet all requirements will receive a certificate recognizing their dedication and acquired skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What documents do I need to apply?

A: Applicants are required to submit a completed application form, a copy of a valid identification document, proof of business registration, and any additional documents that may support their application, such as business plans or references.

Q: I previously applied for this program but did not qualify; can I apply again for this round?

A: Yes, we encourage previous applicants to apply again. We appreciate the continued interest and effort, and we recommend reviewing the feedback provided previously to strengthen your new application.

Q: I would like to apply, but I do not meet the selection criteria for the program. What can I do?

A: While we maintain specific criteria to ensure the program's effectiveness, we understand that each case is unique. We encourage you to submit a detailed application, highlighting any special circumstances or qualifications that might merit consideration.

Q: What do I need to prepare for the course?

A: Participants should be prepared with a reliable internet connection, a suitable device for accessing online materials and virtual workshops, and the readiness to commit time and effort to fully engage with all aspects of the program.

Q: What does the post-program guidance involve?

A: Post-program guidance includes continued access to learning materials, potential mentorship opportunities, networking events, and, where possible, introductions to investors or industry experts to further support the growth of your business.

Q: Do I receive a certificate at the end of the program?

A: Yes, participants who successfully complete the program and meet all requirements will receive a certificate of completion, acknowledging their dedication and the skills acquired.

Q: Will there be any financial support or funding available for the entrepreneurs?

A: While the program itself does not provide direct financial support, it aims to prepare participants for potential funding opportunities by enhancing their business plans, investment pitches, and network connections.

Q: Are there any specific sectors or industries that the program is targeting?

A: The program primarily targets the agricultural sector, with a special focus on empowering female farmers and agripreneurs. However, the business skills and development aspects of the program can be beneficial to entrepreneurs across various sectors.

Q: When will applicants get notified of the results?

A: Applicants can expect to receive notification regarding their application status within 2 weeks after the application deadline.

Q: Can I apply after the deadline?

A: To ensure fairness and adequate processing time, we encourage all applicants to adhere to the deadlines. Late applications may not be considered, but exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis depending on the circumstances.